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SW Motech Hawk Fog Lights (H3 55W Lights, Silver)

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  • Improves visibility in foggy conditions by projecting a broad light beam or in off-road terrain by far and focused beam of light (not for highway use) Voltage 12 V, H 3 55 W bulbs LED version: voltage 12 V, 10W ECE test mark (only HAWK / LED Fog Light Kits).
  • Premium motorcycle accessories direct from the manufacturer
  • 100% Imported Directly from Germany


  • Product Code: NSW.00.004.10100/S
  • HAWK auxiliary lights help you to see better and to be better seen.
  • The fog and off-road lights are also available as energy efficient and virtually maintenance free LED variants.
  • HAWK lights are protected from wind and weather by a solid aluminium housing.
  • Included in delivery are a cable harness with fuse and a splash water proof on/off switch.
  • HAWK fog lights use 55W H3 lamps to provide a broad light beam to improve visibility under foggy conditions.
  • Silver lacquered aluminium body
  • Note: Separately available Fog Light Mount, for installation e.g. on crashbars or frame parts


  • 2 Fog lights
  • Harness with fuse
  • Splash proof toggle switch
  • Mounting instructions

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