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RK Sprocket

RK Premium Sprocket for Benelli TNT 899 (525 X 41T)

RK Premium Sprocket for Benelli TNT 899 (525 X 41T)

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RK Premium Sprocket - Original quality!
Compatible with

  • Benelli TNT 899

~The Elegant Rear~
More than just a beauty that meet the eyes, our Rear Sprocket can also endure the toughest condition.

~Induction Hardening~
Let’s face it, all sprocket need hardening in order to sustain pressure from the chain and engine. RK has made the hardening exceptionally tough by applying a fast yet effective hardening process.

~Elegant Design~
It is simply truth that each of us love to stand out in the crowd. With RK Elegant design you will be embrace by millions of bike lovers worldwide.

~Perfect Chain Fit~
Have you ever encounter a chain that does not fit well into a sprocket and it just spell a great mishaps for you. In RK, our chain and sprocket fit perfectly with each other without distinction, simply because we can.

~Finest Finishing~
We pay full attention on every single aspect during the sprocket making to ensure it is in its finest condition before releasing into the market. Simply put it is a masterpiece of a lifetime.

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