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R&G Titanium Sprocket Nuts M10X1.25 (5 piece set) (Universal)

R&G Titanium Sprocket Nuts M10X1.25 (5 piece set) (Universal)

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  • This 5-piece set of R&G Titanium Sprocket Nuts are made from grade 5 - 6AL-4V  - 1068 MPA titanium, meaning they offer extraordinary strength and weight reduction.


  • Only use Manufacturer torque settings, between 33 - 45nm.
  • Kits are offered as bike-specific fitments. If you have a variation of a standard model you may require an alternative kit. 
  • Please check the thread fitment by hand, before using tools - this will help prevent accidental damage. 
  • Fit R&G Sprocket Nuts along with a medium thread lock, after cleaning bolt threads of all corrosion and dirt. Titanium requires an anti-galling lubricant and must not be fitted dry.
  • This is a critical safety component - it must be fitted by a competent mechanic. 
  • To avoid marking the Sprocket Nuts, use a 6-sided socket and stretch a rubber glove (or similar) over the socket before trying to tighten up. 
  • Clean as part of your regular maintenance, and protect with a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Colour: Titanium
  • Product Code: RGN01TI/5


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