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R&G Round Exhaust Protector (Universal)

R&G Round Exhaust Protector (Universal)

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  • Should you drop or crash your bike, your end can is likely to be scraped - how ever when an R&G exhaust protector is correctly placed on the exhaust the damage to your exhaust is likely to be greatly reduced.


  • A large shock absorbing rubber under the protector casing and large enveloped jubilee clip ensure the exhaust protector stays exactly where it should and doesn't damage the exhaust during installation and throughout its life.
  • Suitable for Exhausts upto 226mm circumference. i.e 125cc exhausts and multi pipe cruiser exhausts.
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Code: EP0013BK
  • Quantity: Single
  • Fitting Difficulty: Easy
  • Fitting Time: 5 Minutes



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