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DP Brakes

DP Brakes (RDP950) Brake Pads

DP Brakes (RDP950) Brake Pads

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  • High friction race compound sintered metal brake.  Developed to meet and exceed the extreme demands of top-level national and international circuit racing.
  • This pad maintains DP BRAKES industry leading status as innovators of sintered pads.  Our tagline....The FIRST...the BEST...the LEADER is something we believe in and try and maintain.
  • The pads are be called RDP X-Race Titanium which are specifically a high friction front brake pad for track use.
  • Our existing RDP compound had been used successfully for many years but was becoming less competitive when used in top-level racing.
  • The X-race Titanium compound outperforms the old RDP pad and consistently achieves lower lap times by enabling riders to brake later and trail brake in to the corner with a very high degree of control.
  • The existing qualities of quick bed in, no noise, dust, wear to the rotor and durability are also maintained.


  • Meets Superbike Racings extreme demands
  • Progressive feel
  • No brake dust
  • No noise
  • High-tech ceramic heat shield
  • No brake fade
  • Industry high HH+ friction rated compound
  • Immediate inital response
  • Quick one-lap break-in
  • Product Code: RDP950
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