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BMC Air Filters

BMC Conical Single Air Filter for Direction Induction (Ø:110,Ø2:150,L:183)

BMC Conical Single Air Filter for Direction Induction (Ø:110,Ø2:150,L:183)

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  • BMC conical filters let you remove the original air box and provide long life, better performance and easiness to replace.
  •  SA (Single Air) with a simple lateral airflow.


  • Can be installed on most types of engine by removing the original airbox
  • Manufactured using a characteristic red rubber that allows the connection of the intake to be particularly resistant to both engine stress and heat without suffering from deformations caused by the high temperature
  • The special filtration mesh allows the production of filters with a power up to 700 HP without presenting problems of filter deformation
  • Able to supply tubes and rubber connectors to make up a complete kit.
  • For some particular applications, an alloy flexible tube is available to duct cold air to the conical filter.
  • Colder aspirated air means you have a bigger volumetric mass. A greater mass of air gives better combustion and finally, increased performance.
  • Polyurethane Top
  • Product Code: FBSA110-140
  • Sizes (mm): Ø1 : 110 | Ø2 : 150 | L : 183   
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