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SW Motech Adapter Kit for SysBag Adapter Plate (10/15/30)

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  • The relevant adapter plate with quick-lock system gives SysBag 10, SysBag15 and SysBag 30 a secure hold on side, case and luggage carriers. For this purpose, the assembly of this adapter kit for its respective carrier is required.
  • If you already have an EVO or PRO side carrier and want to switch to the SysBag system, replace the cam locks on it with this kit. No adapter kit is needed for the SLC side carrier, as there are already retaining cams on this support.
  • One kit for all situations: the adapter kit includes four retaining cam locks and mounting hardware for one PRO side carrier, one EVO side carrier or one rack. The detailed mounting instructions describe which components are needed for which carrier.
  • Premium motorcycle accessories direct from the manufacturer
  • 100% Imported Directly from Germany



  • Product Code: SYS.00.001.13000
  • The adapter kit is needed to attach the SysBag 10, SysBag 15 or SysBag 30 with adapter plate to PRO and EVO side carriers from SW-MOTECH
  • Suitable for PRO side carriers and EVO side carriers (only SysBag 30)


  • 1 x Adapter kit for SysBag
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material
  • NOTE: An adapter kit is required for Pro side carriers. The mounting material varies depending on the carrier; all required parts are included in this kit.

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