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R&G Crash Protectors Aero Style fits for Honda NC700 ('12-'14) / NC750S(DCT) (’14-'20) & NC700(DCT) (’12-'20) / NC750X ('14-'20) (White)

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  • 常规价格 $298.95


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R&G CRASH PROTECTORS AERO STYLE FITS FOR HONDA NC700 ('12-'14) / NC750S(DCT) (’14-'20) & NC700(DCT) (’12-'20) / NC750X ('14-'20)

  • R&G Aero Crash Protectors features our stylish, aerodynamic Aero Bobbins.


  • Offer core motorcycle protection, keeping the frame, engine and other critical components off the ground in the event of a crash, drop or slide.
  • A teardrop shaped bobbin improving on the original good looks and standard round bobbins.
  • Fitted with a removable end cap which hides the bobbins fittings.
  • Colour: White
  • Fairing Modification: No Mods
  • Mounting Position: Frame
  • Quantity: Pair
  • Product Code: CP0415WH
  • Fitting Difficulty: Average
  • Fitting Time: 1 Hour 
  • Notes: Picture is shown in Black version. The actual product would be in White version.