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R&G Adjustable Rearsets fits for BMW S1000RR ('15-'18) & S1000R ('17-'20)

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R&G ADJUSTABLE REARSETS FITS FOR BMW S1000RR ('15-'18) & S1000R ('17-'20)

  • Provide large adjustments and exact positioning to suit every rider and designed to be easily installed.
  • The footrests are specially textured to ensure maximum grip in even the most tricky situations.
  • Race shift changes the shift pattern from a Road shift pattern (1 down - 5 up) to a race shift pattern (1 up - 5 down) which improves your acceleration time due to the reduced amount of movement involved.


  • Colour: Black
  • Product Code: RSET26BK
  • Shift Pattern: Road and Race