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Nolan Pinlock 适用于 N103/N102/N101/N100/N91/N91 Evo/N90/N90-2/N81/X-Lite X-1002/X-1001/Grex G9.1/G9.1 Evolve(透明)

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  • 常规价格 $20.95

NOLAN PINLOCK FOR N103 / N102 / N101 / N100 / N91 / N91EVO / N90 / N90-2 / N81 / X-LITE X-1002 / X-1001 / GREX G9.1 / G9.1 EVOLVE (CLEAR)

  • The Pinlock 70 is our premium fog resistant solution for riders. Fogging can easily occur cause of the difference in the temperature inside and outside your helmet and your moist breath.


  • Enhanced with stronger fog resistant properties.
  • The insert lens has extended fog resistant endurance.
  • Helps riders see better through challenging weather conditions.
  • Creates a double shield system through a silicon seal between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens.
  • The Pinlock insert absorbs moisture on the inside and offers you continuous clear visibility.