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R&G Cotton Reels fits for Honda CB125R ('18-) & CB300R ('18-) (Offset)

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  • Suitable for the Suitable for the Honda CB125R '18- & CB300R '18-  models. Are they cotton reels or spindle sliders? Well they are both really!! The Cotton Reel is mounted to a special, Stainless steel bracket.
  • The product will give protection to the swingarm area in most crashes. Also the bike can be lifted on the Cotton Reels, using a paddock stand with hooks (suggest R&G code SH0001). 
  • Cotton reels are oversize paddock stand bobbins, which screw into the paddock stand holes in your swingarm.
  • They offer the dual purpose of protecting your swingarm and enabling the bike to be lifted on a rear stand. Check out our range of paddock stand hooks, which are compatible with many different paddock stands.
  • Colour: Black
  • Quantity: Pair
  • Product Code: CR0072BK
  • Fitting Time: 15 Minutes
  • Fitting Difficulty: Average