NHK Helmets

NHK Helmets Story

PT. NHK Indonesia, is the official holder of the NHK helmet brand in Indonesia. PT. NHK Indonesia grants OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) rights to PT. Danapersadaraya Motor Industry to produce NHK helmets. PT. NHK Indonesia was established in September 2017 with Mr. Iwan Lyman as its President director. While the NHK brand which was originally held by PT. Danapersadaraya Motor Industry itself has existed since 2004 and has been trusted and recognized by the wider community in Indonesia as a high quality product.

Management change from PT. Danapersadaraya Motor Industry became PT. NHK Indonesia aims to strengthen the position of the NHK brand in the future, where PT. NHK Indonesia is committed to being one of the largest helmet brand holders in the country and facilitating other business strategies, both for the domestic market and the International market. PT. NHK Indonesia will focus more on High End helmets and strive to produce high quality products, both Full Face and Open Face helmets used for daily and racing.

In early 2018 PT. NHK Indonesia officially announced the participation of NHK helmets in supporting riders at the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 world championships and various other International racing championships all over the world.

“We see the importance of NHK helmets used by riders in the world championship,” said Iwan Lyman, Director of PT. NHK Indonesia. It is a matter of pride because the NHK helmet used by the International events is from Indonesia. Helmet research has been carried out by PT. NHK Indonesia together with the experts and technical teams from PT. Danapersadaraya Motor Industry who have experience in producing helmets.

“The presence of NHK helmets in MotoGP racing is part of the sales strategy. The main goal is to introduce the NHK brand worldwide as an Indonesian production helmet. We must be proud of brands and products from Indonesia, and our hope in the future NHK helmets will increasingly trusted by all levels of society, national and International racers” said Stefanus King as General Manager of PT. NHK Indonesia.